• Donald Trump said he had big news to share
  • He announced it on Truth Social today...
  • The former president is getting into NFTs

A few days ago, former president Donald Trump promised his followers a "major announcement."

Experts had speculated that Trump, who already confirmed a 2024 run for president, may reveal important details on his campaign.

But on announcement day, it turned out Trump had been planning something pretty far removed from politics.

Donald Trump's big news: Trading cards... of himself

On Truth Social, Trump declared that he's actually getting into the "digital trading card" business. Safe to say no one was expecting that! But it gets stranger yet.

The Donald Trump Digital Trading Cards all feature art of, you guessed it, Trump himself...

And the cards depict Trump, 76, in all sorts of different costumes, including themes of superheroes, sports, and Christmas.

Also interesting:

If you're sold, the Donald Trump NFTs are available for $99 apiece. Buy 45 and you even get a ticket to a dinner with the man himself (but that'll cost you about $4,500).

"Remember, Christmas is coming, and this makes the perfect Christmas gift," Trump said in an ad.

The trading cards quickly went viral on social media. In a tweet, President Biden also mocked Trump for having called it a "major" announcement.

See more in the video above.