• Prince Harry discussed his closest relatives in new Netflix episodes
  • He recalled one meeting with William, Charles, and the Queen
  • Apparently, William screamed and shouted at Harry

The last three episodes of Harry & Meghan have arrived on Netflix. In the series, the couple addresses Meghan's time as a royal in addition to their retirement and move to the United States.

The couple's intention to step down in the Royal Family became public in early 2020, when they made their wish known themselves on social media.

How Harry and Meghan stepping down played out

As the couple recounts in the documentary, the Royal Family had been informed beforehand, but an emergency meeting was called after the public announcement was made. 

According to Harry, Meghan was deliberately not invited to the meeting. Instead, Prince Harry alone discussed the details with his family.

It quickly became clear, however, that the couple's desire to have their own careers but still support the Queen would not work.

Prince Harry on meeting William, Charles, and the Queen

"It was terrifying to have my brother scream and shout at me and my father say things that just simply weren't true, and my grandmother quietly sit there and sort of take it all in," Harry said.

The Queen, of course, had relied on outside advice, however, which portrayed Meghan and Harry's plan as a threat to the monarchy.

Also interesting:

"It was really hard," Harry added. "That meeting finished without any like solidified action plan."

But Prince Harry can understand why his family reacted so harshly: "I think from their perspective they had to believe that it was more about us and maybe the issues that we had, as opposed to their partner, the media, and themselves and that relationship that was causing so much pain for us. They saw what they wanted to see."

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