• O Yeong-Su's is best known from 'Squid Game'
  • He has been rocked by a shocking conviction
  • The actor is charged with sexual misconduct

In a story that will surely shock many fans around the world, this article delves into the details of the allegations, the court's ruling, and the impact on O's storied career.

The Allegations Unfold

In a revelation that's sent ripples through the entertainment world, O Yeong-Su , the breakout star of Netflix's global sensation 'Squid Game', has been convicted of sexual misconduct. Fans are left reeling as the details emerge of the incident that has tarnished the reputation of the Golden Globe-nominated actor.

Reports from Korea have surfaced that O was sentenced to eight months in prison, suspended for two years, by the Seongnam Branch of the Suwon District Court.

The veteran actor, charged in 2022, faced allegations of hugging and kissing a woman on the cheek without her consent back in 2017. Despite his denial and intent to appeal, the court has mandated a 40-hour sexual offender treatment program.

The judge, Jeong Yeon-ju, found the victim's accounts to be "consistent" and reflective of genuine experience. The victim's diary and counseling reports corroborated the details of the case, leading to the conviction of the 'Squid Game' star.

With a career spanning over 50 years, O's role as "Oh Il-nam" brought him international fame and acclaim. His previous performances, including 'King Lear' and in the TV series 'Chocolate', are now overshadowed by this scandal.

Womenlink, a South Korean women's rights group, has expressed support for the ruling, highlighting a pattern of offenders in the theatre world who disguise their actions as "favour" and "friendship."

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As O Yeong-Su faces the consequences of his actions, the entertainment industry and fans alike are left to grapple with the complexities of celebrity and accountability. The story continues to unfold, with the world watching closely.