• Cancel culture has taken hold in recent times
  • Celebrities are always under scrutiny
  • These celebs bounced back after being cancelled

But sometimes something nasty is discovered about these celebrities that either creates a movement trying to stop their fame or gets them cancelled. The press can be brutal, and fans unforgiving. And even though the most famous among us are still only human, the court of public opinion can hand out some pretty brutal sentences.

These celebrities knew how to bounce back

Despite the harshness of being in the public's ire, every so often, a celebrity comes back from among their ruins to surprise everyone. Here are 9 celebrities who were cancelled and have returned to the entertainment industry:

Also interesting:

Comedian and actor Louis C.K. He admitted to his sexual misconduct in 2017, but despite admitting it, his career has continued, appearing in small roles and a film he directed himself. He not only returned to entertainment, but he won a Grammy and launched a stand up special titled Sorry.

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