• Car crashes affect us all, celebrities included
  • These stars were lucky to survive accidents
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Many stars have been lucky to walk away from horrible accidents on the road. Kanye West crashed his car into an oncoming vehicle in 2002. The driver of the other car broke both of his legs while West broke his jaw. 

These Stars Narrowly Survived Their Car Crashes

On the way home from a concert, Norman Reedus was involved in a car accident in which he was catapulted through the glass of his car onto the street. The star of The Walking Dead later woke up with screws in his nose and an artificial eye socket.

These Stars Have Survived Bad Car Accidents

Another: In 2015, Caitlyn Jenner lost control of her car and crashed into oncoming traffic. One woman was killed and seven other people injured in the accident. In 2008, Morgan Freeman broke his arm, elbow, and had a shoulder injury in a car accident.

In 1987, Matthew Broderick caused a serious car accident in Northern Ireland, in which a 63-year-old woman and her 28-year-old daughter were killed. These are just some of the hair-raising close calls that Hollywood has seen over the years.

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