• Steve Damstra is married to Paget Brewster
  • His wife is a famous film and TV actress
  • What does Steve Damstra do for a living?

Steve Damstra is known to most as the husband of Paget Brewster. He married the popular actress from Criminal Minds and Friends in 2014. But in case you didn't know: Steve Damstra is a pretty big success in his own right.

Steve Damstra makes a living as a musician

So, what does Steve Damstra do for a living? He is a successful composer who applies his talents to a variety of music work.

On social media, the 40-year-old describes himself as a songwriter, musician, and composer. He has played in several bands, composed film scores, and performed on soundtracks for film and TV.

For starters, his bands include Whirlwind Heat and Folded Light. Damstra's band Folded Light even released a new album in 2022 called N-e-w A-g-e M-u-s-i-c.

Also interesting:

And Steve is also proud of his composing work on the films Magic Valley, Excision, and Teenage Cocktail. It was actually through this work that Steve Damstra met his future wife. The story goes like this.

He and actor Matthew Gray Gubler have long been good friends. During one of their films — with Steve as composer and Matthew acting — Steve was introduced to Matthew's Criminal Minds co-star Paget Brewster.

They started dating, fell in love, and are happily married to this day. Talk about a power couple.