• Noah Schnapp recently came out as gay
  • Finn Wolfhard has publicly supported his co-star
  • Homosexuality is also a topic in Stranger Things

This would be a tricky time for anyone going through the same thing. But luckily for Noah, the actor can count on more than just his fans to stand behind him through this new stage in his life. His work colleagues are also there for him.

Finn and Noah are amazing friends

Co-star Finn Wolfhard stands behind his co-star and friend, as he made it clear to IndieWire saying this: "I’m incredibly proud of Noah for coming out publicly like that. I think it was so incredible and brave."

Also interesting:

In the hit Netflix series, Noah Schnapp's character "Will" has feelings for Finn's character "Mike". However, "Mike" doesn't have a clue and instead only has eyes for "Eleven"...

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