Dacre Montgomery, Stranger Things actor, was born on November 22nd, 1994 in Perth, Australia. The son of a Canadian mother and New Zealander father, Dacre always had one primary goal: to become an actor. 

Stranger Things: This Is Dacre Montgomery

Dacre Montgomery landed his role in Stranger Things after many attempts in the entertainment industry. He was actively involved in his drama classes in high school. In one of his Instagram posts, Dacre posted a yearbook image of him saying,

"When I was a kid, I was lost.
I had a really tough time in school.
I was a big kid who loved drama.
I never got passing grades, I wasn’t popular or a gifted sports player.
Girls were never interested in me.
I suffered from anxiety from a young age."

Dacre Montgomery in 2019

Because Dacre was always passionate about his acting dreams, he was even voted "The most likely student to become a Hollywood star" by his classmates during his senior year. 

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He ended up graduating from an arts university in 2015 obtaining his acting degree! One of his bigger roles was in the reboot of 2017's Power Rangers, where he played the "Red Ranger" / "Jason". Yet, his breakthrough in Hollywood is attributed to his role as "Billy" in Stranger Things

Dacre Montgomery in 'Stranger Things'

In a Glamour UK interview, Dacre spoke about his past and how it helped him play the abusive role of "Billy":

"With Stranger Things, we talked about the archetypal masculine bully and everything we explored about my character in that show was fantastic because when I was a kid, I used to think I suffered from sensitivity."

He continued, "I want to be a sensitive person and I want to embrace that side of me. In Stranger Things, I wanted to make him more than the bully and someone who is struggling with so much more."

Dacre certainly fulfilled that role! Aside from his Stranger Things fame, Dacre is also a poet. He now additionally has a podcast where he reads his poetry, titled  "DKMH".

His most recent film release was in The Broken Heart Gallery, a rom-com just released in September 2020! Next, you can check him out in the upcoming Elvis Presley biopic starring Tom Hanks, Austin Butler and Luke Bracey! We hope to see more of Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery on-screen! 

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