A new clip on Twitter (shared by user and Strictly fan Ashley Stebbings) shows head judge Shirley Ballas in her ballroom days. It is not yet known when exactly the recording was made but people are LOVING it, and rightfully so. As the face and voice of Strictly Come Dancing, Ballas is often criticized by fans over her decisions but this new footage could really get some viewers on her side.

Strictly Come Dancing: Shirley "Twirly" Ballas had some serious moves

Shirley Ballas went ahead and quickly retweeted the clip, sharing it with her 60,000 followers and replied: "Where did you find this clip. Trip down memory lane". The internet did not take long to assign Ballas a new nickname, and "Twirly" is really not that far-fetched, when we look at the movies she shoes off in the video!

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The new post might help her get some Strictly fans on her side again, as many were angry with Ballas after (according to lots of viewers) she did not acknowledge Viscountess Emma Weymouth's skills enough and Weymouth was ultimately booted off the show, making her the 6th contestant to leave this season.

We'll keep you updated with more news on Strictly Come Dancing!

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