The attractive Surrey native played the role of the charming "Beppe di Marco" in Eastenders until 2002, when he was written out of the show. At the time, "Beppe" received news about his mother passing away, so he sold his club and moved away from Walford to take care of his family.

It's been 17 years since Michael first worked as an actor and he makes appearances here and there to this day, but he is actually a professional poker player these days. Greco now lives in the United States and regularly shares a glimpse into his life on Instagram.

After he left the show in 2002, Michael Greco was voted sexiest male soap star by the readers of the Radio Times. He was also ranked at number 66 of the 100 Greatest Eastenders Characters of All Time. By now, his goatee from back in the day has made way for a well-groomed grey(ish) beard and his lock are gone as well, but "Beppe" is still a handsome man.

We sure hope that "Beppe" keeps sharing pictures and clips from his life in the U.S. with us!

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