• Chiara Ferrangi is an Italian supermodel
  • She has posted an update concerning her husband Fedez and his health concerns
  • The two share two children together

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez had a rough week! The two opened up previously this week about Fedez and his health scare, and shared that he had a tumour they didn't know about!

Fedez to head home after a scary week

Fedez confirmed last week that he was rushed to the hospital after learning he had a rare tumour in his pancreas. The Italian musician posted a series of photos to his Instagram detailing his event, and now, his wife Chiara Ferragni is updating us all!

When the news first broke, Ferragni said that she was "scared for everything: his diagnosis, his surgery, his recovery, our life and the future of our family," in her own Instagram post. 

But now, she says he's coming home! 

She wrote in her caption, "It’s been tough but we’re home," and shared a slew of photos of Fendez in recovery.

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"Thank you to all the doctors, nurses and staff at San Raffaele for always making us feel safe and at home, and for always giving us hope," she continued. 

She then said that she was "thankful" for her husband for "fighting so hard". After a long and scary week, the two parents are back at home with their two children, Leonne, 4, and Vittoria, 1.

We are glad this beautiful family is on the mend!