• Susan Sarandon is known for her acting and activism
  • She has recently stood up for Palestine
  • THIS is what she said

The Oscar-winning icon, known for her outspoken political views, has been cut loose by her agency, UTA, after her comments ignited a firestorm of controversy. On November 17, Sarandon took to the streets, voicing her concerns about the fear gripping Jewish Americans and drawing parallels to the experiences of Muslims in the U.S.

Susan is not afraid to boil temperatures

During a rally in New York last week, the Oscar-nominated actress declared that "there are a lot of people that are afraid, afraid to be Jewish at this time, and are getting a taste of what it feels like to be a Muslim in this country, so often subjected to violence."

Her comments drew ire online, and author Asra Nomani, who is Indian American and has Muslim heritage, wrote on X: "Let me give you ‘a taste’ of what it ‘feels like’ to be a Muslim in America: My dad didn’t have to become a second-class indentured servant to one of the many tyrants of Muslim countries…My mom?… Being Muslim in America meant she got to live FREE with the wind in her hair…You think the Muslim dictatorship of Qatar allows a pathway to citizenship for Muslim slaves, servants or Palestinian Muslims? Hell no…"

Muslim American journalist Asra Nomani took to Twitter with a powerful rebuttal:

"Please don’t minimize the experience of Jewish Americans by sanitizing the hell that it is for Muslims living in Muslim countries and vilifying America for the life — and freedoms — she offers Muslims like my family."

Perhaps it's best to say nothing

As would be expected, any opinion on the matter is bound to be controversial at this time when emotions are still raw. Adding fuel to the fire, Sarandon's social media activity has raised eyebrows, with the actress sharing posts from Pink Floyd's Roger Waters, a figure who's faced his own accusations of antisemitism.

The UTA news drops as Hollywood finds itself polarized over the Israel-Hamas conflict. CAA agent Maha Dakhil also faced the heat for her social media stance on Israel, leading to her stepping down from leadership roles and issuing an apology for her "hurtful language."

Also interesting:

Susan is just the latest public figure to find themselves in hot water over their stance on the war, particularly in support of Palestine. 'Scream VI' star Melissa Barrera, who was lined up to play the lead in the upcoming 'Scream VII', was fired from the film on Tuesday by the production company Spyglass.

The company told Variety they removed her from the film due to some social media posts that had been interpreted as antisemitic. And so, Susan is not the only one. Sarandon reportedly signed with UTA in 2014. She appeared this year in the movies Blue Beetle and Maybe I Do, and did a handful of television appearances.

As the dust settles, one thing's for sure: in Hollywood, the spotlight isn't just for the silver screen – it can cast a harsh light on the personal beliefs of its brightest stars.