When Susan Kay Quatro (69) was eight years old, she stood on stage with her father for the first time. Under her stage name Suzi Quatro she later became famous with hits like Devil Gate Drive or Daytona Damon - and still rocks today.

Suzis actual surname "Quattrocchi" was shortened to "Quatro" by the immigration authorities so that it can be pronounced more easily. As one of five children, Suzi grew up in Detroit and took classical piano lessons until she turned to rock 'n' roll at the age of 14.

Suzi Quatro's breakthrough

As "Suzi Soul" she became the bass player of a garage band - and started her career as a rock star. In 1973 Suzi started her solo career and created her first number one hit with the song Can the Can.

She was in the charts for decades and was especially popular in Germany. In her career she also won the Bravo Otto six times and also tried her hand as an actress. Among others Suzi Quatro was part of the series Happy Days.

She keeps on rocking

Even at 68, Suzi is not thinking about quitting. It wasn't until 2017 that the joint album QSP was released, which she recorded together with Andy Scott (69) and Don Powell (72) and with which they celebrate over 50 years of Rock 'n' Roll.

Suzi said: "We played a few gigs, travelled a lot, ate unhealthy food and sometimes even worked for nothing [...] But we've been making music since we were teenagers and we've all been blessed with long careers and have now been able to do this project at our age".

Suzi Quatro continues to rock even at the age of 66

At the end of March 2019 her last album "No Control" was released, which is already her 14th studio album. Suzi's German tour started on 30 April and will continue until the end of the year.

Suzi Quatro's personal life 

After her long marriage with her guitarist Len Tuckey, who she had two children with, Suzi Quatro met her husband Rainer Haas.

When her daughter and grandchild moved out of their shared house in Essex in 2008, Suzi initially wanted to sell it, but finally decided to continue living there. Together with the German tour promoter, Suzi lives in Essex, England, as well as in Hamburg.

Suzi Quatro has influenced and strengthened many female musicians and will therefore remain a true music legend forever.