Susan Kay Quatro (69) first performed on stage alongside her father when she just eight years old. As Suzi Quatro, she later became famous with hits like Devil Gate Drive and Daytona Damon and still rocks today.

Suzi's real surname Quattrocchi was shortened to Quatro by the immigration authorities to make it easier to pronounce. As one of five children, Suzi grew up in Detroit and took classical piano lessons until she turned to rock 'n' roll at the age of 14.

Suzi Quatro Rock and Roll Singer What is she doing today

Suzi Quatro’s breakthrough

As Suzi Soul she became the bass player of a garage band and started her career as a rock star. In 1973, Suzi launched her solo career and had her first number one hit with the song Can the Can.

Suzi Quatro Rock and Roll Singer Musician What is she doing now

Suzi Quatro: A true Rock'n'Roll legend

Even at sixty-eight, it seems Suzi is nowhere near retiring. In 2017 the joint album QSP was released, which the iconic singer recorded with Andy Scott (69) and Don Powell (72). The album celebrates over 50 years of rock 'n' roll.

Suzi first announced the exciting project on her website. "We played a few gigs, travelled a lot, ate unhealthy food and sometimes even worked for nothing [...] But we've been making music since we were teenagers and we've all been blessed with long careers and have now been able to do this project at our age".

Suzi Quatro is currently touring Europe and we are more than certain that it will not be her last tour.

Suzi Quatro Rock and Roll Singer musician what is she doing now

Suzi Quatro’s has found true love

After a long marriage toguitarist Len Tuckey, with whom she has two children, Suzi met her current husband, German tour promoter Rainer Haas.

When her daughter and grandchild moved out of their shared house in Essex, England in 2008, Suzi initially wanted to sell it, but has since decided to continue living there. Suzi and her husband split their time between Essex and Hamburg, Germany.

Suzi has influenced numerous female musicians and will, without a doubt, go down in rock 'n' roll history!