• Taylor Swift's legal team has been fighting Jack Sweeney
  • Sweeney has been tracking Swift airplane carbon footprint
  • Her legal team is accusing Sweeney of stalking Taylor

The celebrity jet tracker's response, laced with a Swift song reference, asserts his right to share public data. Swift's legal team's stalking accusations are grounded by Sweeney's attorney, who claims the star's safety isn't compromised by the flight info. The saga continues as Swift's eco-footprint and Sweeney's social media persistence soar into the spotlight.

His argument sounds pretty good

The sky's the limit for Jack Sweeney, a plucky college student who's not just tracking stars—he's becoming one! After Taylor Swift's legal team tried to clip his wings, Sweeney's legal eagles fired back, defending his right to tweet the fleet!

With a cheeky nod to Swift's own lyrics, Sweeney's response to the pop icon's legal threat was nothing short of a mic drop. His attorney, James Slater, argued that tracking Taylor's tailwinds is all fair game, citing freedom of speech and publicly available data.

Swift's lawyer, Katie Wright Morrone, claimed Sweeney's posts were a "life-or-death matter," painting him as a stalker. But Slater's comeback was swift, insisting there's no threat in tweeting takeoffs and landings. Sweeney's defense? It's all in the public domain!

It's not just Taylor's tarmac times on Sweeney's radar—he's got the scoop on everyone from Russian bigwigs to Elon Musk. His account, @taylorswiftjets, may have faced Instagram's axe, but Sweeney's still soaring high on Celeb Jets.

The "biggest celebrity CO2 polluter" title isn't one Swift hoped to win, but Sweeney's stats stirred up a storm. While her publicist claims her jet's a communal carriage, Swift's eco-reputation has taken a nosedive.

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As the dust settles and one of Swift's jets finds a new owner, the debate over privacy, public information, and environmental responsibility rages on. Sweeney's saga is a testament to the power of data and the enduring clash between public interest and celebrity privacy.

Stay tuned with us for how this story develops!