Tallulah Willis is getting real about mental health as she debuts her very own clothing line, Wyllis. The brand will focus on fostering conversations around support, compassion and nurturing self-care!

The young Hollywood native is exploring what it means to be an artist through her brand, and shares how each individual piece was designed by her own artistic vision!

Tallulah Willis debuts her summer collection!

The famous daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, Tallulah Willis steered away from the mould of her actor parents and became a fashion designer!

The young Californian debuted the summer collection of her fashion brand Wyllis, a clothing line dedicated to the important focus of mental wellness.

The line features a variety of feminine summer dresses, Hawaiian shirts, bell-bottoms, and Californiaesque butterfly patters - all a statement of self-empowerment. 

"I want it to be an extension of myself," the 26-year-old said. And she couldn't have done it better, as each piece is her artwork.

"I think that when you do a personally named brand, there is a closer connection because it's who you are," she told People in an exclusive interview.

Willis explains that her "ethos as a person is to be kind, gentle, compassionate and sensitive," and her goal was to incorporate those qualities in the line.

"Because of my own journey and my own struggles with mental health and how closely it resonates with me, and this is a very widespread, universal issue of well-being. I felt that it was something really, really important to touch on and create visibility on," she said.

"I want my brand to be synonymous with safety, with awareness, with sensitivity, with kindness," she added.

On each garment, the tag on the inside will feature the Suicide Awareness hotline, as well as the National Alliance on Mental Illness Helpline.

"It was really important for me because I have personally been actively suicidal and know that feeling very well and know the feeling of being alone in those moments," she revealed.

"And this brand really was truly birthed from a deep, dark time in my life where I did feel alone," she said.

"Anyone who is close with me knows that I'm very, very vocal about my journey," she continued. "I'm very open and vocal to kind of talking about these subjects of trauma and healing. And it becomes quite paramount in my adult life as a topic. So I really wanted to see if this visibility could help others. That's my hope."

She also goes on to explain that she doesn't want her brand to be a status symbol, but rather a way to communicate moods.

"Clothes and fashion, they can be an armour, they can be a protective barrier of how you're feeling," she says, noting that her outfits represent how she feels on the inside.

10% of the proceeds go to the Loveland Foundation, which offers free mental health services to those in need. You can shop the collection at Wyllis.com.