After a strange series of events, Tanya Roberts' rep has just announced that he was incorrect in reporting her death. The treasured actress is still alive and her friends are explaining what went wrong.

Tanya Roberts Is Alive

Bond girl and That '70s Show star Tanya Roberts was at the top of every headline around the world after her representative announced her tragic and sudden death. Her representative Mike Pingel explained to both People and TMZ that he believed she had passed because her partner Lance O'Brien told him she had.

Roger Moore and Tanya Roberts

After walking her dogs Tanya collapsed suddenly and was taken to the hospital. After days of being in intensive care, O'Brien visited her to say his goodbyes and when she closed her eyes he believed she had passed.

Lance reportedly then left the hospital heartbroken but without checking with doctors. According to Entertainment Tonight doctors later called to him "saying she was not dead." Pingel explained that the actress who played "Midge Pinciotti" is still in intensive care and that, "it's not looking good... Hold her in your prayers."

Our thoughts are with Tanya and her family. 

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