• Taylor Swift is one of music's most popular acts
  • She recently released a music video for her song "Lavender Haze"
  • Fans have spotted some potential Easter Eggs in the video

Few artists can move a crowd quite like Taylor Swift can. With millions of devoted fans around the world, Taylor can do no wrong! The "Swifties", as her fans call themselves, always go on a treasure hunt and quickly find hidden Easter Eggs in all of Taylor's music videos.

The fans always read between the lines

It's time for all Swifities to go on a search. But what exactly are these Easter Eggs? There happen to be very many of them in the video, according to fans, and this includes the fish, which can also be seen on Taylor's guitar. What exactly could that one mean?

Also interesting:

The animal, according to the fans, stands for the singer's boyfriend. Because actor Joe Alwyn's zodiac sign is Pisces. Besides that, fans are assuming that Taylor Swift's "Lavender Haze" predicts the release of her next album...

Watch the video above to learn more!