• Teen Mom was a hit reality show franchise in the past decade
  • Teen Mom 2 chronicled the lives of four different teen mothers
  • Their lives have all changed dramatically since the show

It's always fun to play catch-up with our favorite reality stars! What are the four teen moms doing today, and more importantly, how are they? We'll tell you all about it! Kailyn Lowry got pregnant for the first time when she was just 17. She is now the mother of four children from three different fathers.

Teen Mom continues to be a TV classic even now!

Her youngest son, Creed Romello Lopez, was born in 2020, although Kailyn is no longer with his father. Kailyn has gained numerous fans over the years. The mother of four has 4.2 million followers on Instagram (as of March 2022), whom she keeps up to date with posts and stories from her everyday life.

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Today, the reality star is mainly active as an influencer. But on top of that she is also a working mom. She also has two podcasts of her own, Baby Mamas no Drama and Coffee Convos. They keep her very busy and she is quite successful these days.

Watch the video above to learn about the other moms!