Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Malorie Beaver has been arrested in Tennesee for Driving while intoxicated and underage drinking according to Starcasm. The double whammy is a major hit for the mom of sweet Emerson who is frequently competing to prove she is the "better mom" of her dysfunctional family. Read more below to find out what happened.

Teen Mom Star, Malorie Beaver Arrested

Teen Mom fans will recognize Malorie Beaver from TM: Young and Pregnant as Rachel's older sister. The two found themselves in incredibly similar situations, not knowing who exactly the father of their sweet babies were. The Beaver sisters are supportive of each other half the time and the other half of the time they are at each other's throats hurling insults and accusations that they cannot take back no matter how much they try. 

Malorie and Rachel fought throughout Rachels pregnancy because Malorie would leave her baby girl Emerson in the care of their mother most of the time even when Rachel was incredibly close to giving birth. Malorie is a beautiful party girl who didn't want to give up her young fun lifestyle just because she had a baby. 

Malorie was in hot water earlier in the year for a domestic violence arrest against her grandmother when she came home drunk. Now she is in trouble again in a new arrest just yesterday, according to Starcasm. The site claims Malorie was arrested in Tennessee for underage drinking and juvenile driving while intoxicated! She was booked just a little after 5 in the morning and was bonded out later in the day.

Starcasm has gotten a hold of Malorie's mugshot where you can see a major bruise and scrapes along her chest and neck where a seatbelt would lay against. Very social media active Malorie, Rachel, and their mother Stephanie have gone radio silent and have yet to speak about the incident.

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