• Victoria and David Beckham celebrate 25 years of marriage
  • The famous couple revisit their iconic wedding day style
  • They also sat on their infamous gold thrones

The designer and former football star, not only revisited their matching purple reception outfits but also posed on their famous gold thrones, bringing a touch of royal flair to Instagram. Victoria, ever the ageless beauty, showcased her legs in an Antonio Berardi gown, complete with a floral ruffled neckline and a daring split, while David looked dapper as ever in his suit and matching suede shoes.

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The Beckhams, parents to Brooklyn (25), Romeo (21), Cruz (19), and Harper (12), captioned their joint post with a cheeky "Look what we found," reminding us all that they're not just fashion icons but also a fun-loving couple at heart. Even David's mother, Sandra, and sister, Joanne, couldn't help but gush over the couple's lasting charm and iconic status in the comments section.

The lavish wedding that wasn't?

Despite the grandeur and the hefty price tag of their wedding, Victoria insists that the media glamorized the event far more than it was. Describing it as "much more intimate," she sheds light on a different side of their celebration, emphasizing fun and a bit of naiveté in their fashion choices.

The story of their engagement is as charming as their wedding, with David proposing in a hotel room filled with roses and lilies, right after a Manchester United game. Victoria, presented with her dream ring, recalls the moment as the beginning of their journey as Posh and Becks, a couple that has since become a global phenomenon.

David & Victoria: Still going strong

As they approach their 25th anniversary, Victoria and David Beckham remind us that they are more than just a celebrity couple; they are enduring symbols of love, fashion, and family. Their journey from a lavish wedding to becoming fashion royalty is a testament to their enduring appeal and the timeless charm of their relationship.

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