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The Big Bang Theory "Alice" was introduced in season five of the Emmy-winning series. "Alice" was played by American actress Courtney Ford.   

Before appearing on The Big Bang Theory in 2011, Courtney had built up quite the fan following as "Christine Hill" on Dexter and as "Portia Bellefleur" on True Blood.

The Big Bang Theory "Alice"

The Big Bang Theory "Alice" may have only appeared in one episode of the series but she left a huge mark. In season five's episode "The Good Guy Fluctuation", "Leonard" meets "Alice" in a comic book store. 

Beautiful and a comic book lover, it seems "Leonard" might have met the woman of his dreams. While "Leonard" and "Alice" begin a flirtation, ultimately "Leonard" remembers his girlfriend, who is away in India, and tells "Alice" they can only be friends. "Alice" isn't thrilled at the revelation, and it's the last we see of her. 

Courtney Ford Today

Courtney Ford and Brandon Routh attend Entertainment Weekly's Annual Comic Con 2019

Courtney Ford continues to leave her mark today and since The Big Bang Theory as starred in series and films including: 

  • as "Lily" on Parenthood (2012)
  • as "Kate Taylor" on Revenge (2014)
  • as "Kelly Kline" on Supernatural (2016-2018)
  • as "Nora Darhk" on Legends of Tomorrow (2017-2020)
  • and the lead in 2015's Lifetime film, Kept Woman

Courtney's ability to play a variety of complex and different roles has been the driving force of her success.

While the 45-year-old actress has built up a large fan following, Courtney's biggest fans remain her husband of 16 years, Superman Returns' actor Brandon Routh, and their son, Leo. We look forward to more to come from The Big Bang Theory's "Alice". 

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