Empire star Jussie Smollett claimed in early 2019 that he was attacked by two masked individuals. It turned out that Smollett actually orchestrated the entire thing to get publicity and further his career. When that was revealed, he was fired from the Empire cast immediately.

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry are NOT spending Christmas with the Queen

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry caused some trouble in November when they announced they would not spend Christmas with the royal family this year.

Instead, Meghan, Harry and their son Archie will spend the holidays in Los Angeles to celebrate Christmas with Meghan's mother.

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But Buckingham Palace announced that Queen Elizabeth II actually approves of their plans, so there is no bad blood between the couple and the other royals.

Nick Carter got a restraining order against his brother Aaron

It's a different story for Aaron and Nick Carter. The two brothers have been fighting for a long time and their feud reached its peak this year.

After Aaron threatened to kill his brother and his family, Nick Carter got a restraining order against his brother. Aaron reacted to his brother's actions with a clear statement on Twitter.

Fuller House star Lori Loughlin also caused quite the scandal this past year. The actress is accused of bribing the University of Southern California with $500,000 to guarantee her daughters' admissions.

Loughlin denied the accusations vehemently, and did not only tarnish her reputation but also ruined her career. She was fired from the cast of both Fuller House and When Calls The Heart.

Liam Neeson: "So that I could kill him."

Liam Neeson made a shocking admission in an interview with the Independent in February. The actor explained that he wanted to "kill" a black person in the past. He wanted to avenge a woman close to him that had been raped.