Our favourite trio is back!

'The Bold Type' Is Back With Season 3

Aisha Dee was born on September 13th, 1993 on the Gold Coast in Australia. She had her first prominent role on the Australian-Canadian series, The Saddle Club in 2008 where she played the role of "Desiree "Desi" Biggins".

Aisha Dee: Before The Bold Type 

Aisha picked up a main role in the television series Dead Gorgeous in 2010 playing the role of "Christine" in thirteen episodes. She then had a main role in the series Chasing Life from 2014 to 2015 where she played the role of "Elizabeth "Beth" Kingston" in a total of thirty-four episodes. Her next role was in the series Sweet/Vicious where she played "Kennedy" for ten episodes.

Aisha Dee as "Kat Edison" 

Aisha Dee landed the role of "Kat Edison" in the Freeform series The Bold Type, which is a series about three best friends who work together at "Scarlett Magazine" and how they deal with work, life and love. Aisha plays a bisexual character on the show who is also a young social media manager for the magazine and she does a phenomenal job. Aisha is active on social media in real life and is very open about her political views. 

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