Selling Sunset came onto Netflix at the end of March and we are loving it! If you don't know much about the show, we've got you covered...

The Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles

From the sunset strip in Los Angeles, two twin brothers, Jason and Brett Oppenheim opened one of the most sought after real estate companies in the area. Together with a group of fierce women realtors, the team sells some of the most expensive and most amazing properties in L.A. and they make upwards of three figure commissions per sale.

Not only do we get to get a glimpse into the work and office life of The Oppenheim Group, but we also get to dive into some juicy details of some of their personal lives. Here's a quick rundown on the main cast of the show...

Christine Quinn in Selling Sunset

Christine Quinn is the Queen B on the show and in the office. She is glamorous, says it how it is and is a fierce real estate agent. She really only gets a long with Mary and is never shy of telling everyone what she thinks... about everything.

Mary Fitzgerald in Selling Sunset

Mary is "the favourite" in the office as she dated Jason Oppenheim and they are still really good friends. We get a lot of details about Mary's personal life, especially concerning her French boyfriend Romain who happens to be 13 years younger than her and no one lets her forget that.

Maya Vander on Selling Sunset

Maya is the nicest girl in the office who seems the most genuine throughout the episodes. She grew up in Israel and has a pretty strong accent but she kicks butt in the real estate industry. We get to learn some details concerning her personal life as well and let's just say it's very exciting!

Heather Young in Selling Sunset

Heather is one of the more out of it members of the office. She does a lot of traveling because her "super hot boyfriend" plays hockey in Slovakia therefore she isn't consistently at the office. She does great work in the real estate business but really does not get along with her co-worker Christine. Lots of drama in store for Heather!

Chrishell Hartley in Selling Sunset

Chrishell is the newbie to the office who is introduced in episode one. She is a part time actress, part-time real estate agent and is married to none other than Justin Hartley who we all know is "Kevin" on This Is Us. Chrishell is very genuine and kind-hearted but she gets put to the test by the girls in the office and they definitely don't go easy on her!

This show will definitely give you The Hills vibes and make you want to move to L.A. to live as glamorous of lives as these women. If you haven't already, check out the eight episode series on Netflix today!