• The Chronicles of Narnia was a hit fantasy film saga
  • Actor Ben Barnes played "Prince Caspian"
  • He is very handsome and rugged these days

When actor Ben Barnes burst into the scene in the early 2000s, many teenage girls' hearts beat faster. The actor was the perfect choice for "Prince Caspian" thanks to his regal look and demeanor. But now that he is living in his thirties, Ben is looking much less like a boy, and much more like a man.

Ben Barnes is all grown up, and we're okay with it!

His face isn't quite as narrow as it used to be, which suits Ben really well. If anyone can wear a five o'clock shadow, it's him. It makes the actor look even better and is beginning to become a bit of a signature look on him!

Ben Barnes Visits The IMDb Show

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It's not easy growing up in Hollywood, but actor Ben Barnes knows how to do it well. He has many upcoming projects in his calendar and we're bound to see much more of him in the next few years. Surely, many won't be complaining about that!

Watch the video above to see more of Ben!