Bruce Forsyth and The Generation Game are synonymous with each other. Born February 22, 1928, Forsyth would make his television debut at the young age of 11 performing on the BBC series Come and Be Televised

Forsyth's early career would see him traveling around the UK performing in circuses and pantomimes. Following a stint in the Royal Air Force, Forsyth's career would really begin to take off in the 1950s and 60s.

Bruce Forsyth Generation Game

Bruce Forsyth hosting The Generation Game

Bruce Forsyth as host of The Generation Game would come in 1971 following a successful run as the host of Sunday Night at the London Palladium, on which he most notably hosted a game show called Beat the Clock.

The Generation Game would quickly become the biggest Saturday evening show, and over the course of a decade, Forsyth left his mark on the game show with his trademark chin and poses like the "human question mark".

Bruce Forsyth In Memoriam

Following The Generation Game, Forsyth would go on to host a number of other game shows including:

Sir Bruce Forsyth Knighted At Buckingham Palace accompanied by his wife Wilnelia Merced

The biggest series of his later career would come in 2004 when he began co-hosting the popular British dance series Strictly Come Dancing. Forsyth would stay with the show until 2014! 

Today, The Generation Game's Bruce Forsyth is remembered in memoriam for his extensive television career, and his legacy continues to live on in his six children, his grandchildren, and great-grandchildren!


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