Betty White's acting career began the she was quite young. She had her first TV appearance at just 17 in 1939 and has not stopped acting since! She appeared on numerous game and talk shows in the sixties and was a regular on The Tonight Show, What's My Line, Wheel of Fortune and Password.

Betty White's youthful appearance is amazing. As she was born in 1922, the actress and presenter was already in her early forties at this time, but looked far younger. Her broad smile and bright eyes hypnotized viewers everywhere. 

Just how likable and charismatic Betty is became clear throughout the following decades. The ninety-eight year old joined the cast of the Mary Tyler Moore Show in the seventies and gained thousands of fans playing "Sue Ann Nivens".

The Golden Girls: Betty White will always be "Rose"!

Betty starred in her most famous role in the eighties when she played "Rose Nylund" in the cult series The Golden Girls.

She starred in the series from 1985 to 1992. When the series was discontinued however, Betty's career did not suffer at all.

Betty has appeared in countless other films and TV series since then. Her TV career is one of a kind and her passion for TV acting is pretty much unrivalled.

She last appeared in the 2018 documentary Betty White: First Lady of Television, which told the story of Betty's life and career. 

Betty White was married three times

Betty White's personal life took a far rockier path than her career. She got married to Frederick Barker in 1945 at just twenty-three years old. In the same year, she filed for divorce. Her second marriage to Lane Allen didn't last very long either, they were a couple from 1947 to 1949. 

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Her third marriage to TV presenter Allen Ludden was more successful. They tied the knot in 1963 and Betty became a step-mother to his three children. Betty never had any children of her own. Allen died in 1981, leaving her behind.

Betty is still going strong. Her magnetism captivated both fans and producers alike when she was young and still does today!

She became a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, who are responsible for the Oscars, in 2017

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