The last performance The Tragically Hip performed was an emotional day for Canadians everywhere, as the iconic and beloved band said their goodbyes while frontman Gord Downie battled brain cancer.

Despite passing in 2017, Downie had some more music to bless us with! Three years later, a solo album hits streaming services.

Gord Downie's posthumous album to be released

This week, two tracks off of the late Gord Downie's album Away Is Mine was released to streaming services everywhere! The two songs will be a part of a 10-song album.

The newly released songs, "Hotel Worth" and "Useless Nights" are a teaser for the album set to be released in full on October 16.

The tracks were both recorded in July of 2017 in Bath, Ontario, just months before he passed away.

"Please be good to me / Yea, save me from the useless nights," Downie sings in one of the emotional songs.

"This won’t be his last release, but these are the final ten songs Gord sang before he passed away. The last time he ever sang into a mic," Downie's co-writer, Josh Finlayson and brother Patrick Downie wrote in a joint statement, according to ET

"There really wasn’t a plan to make a record," Finlayson said. "The whole thing was that I knew this was a great way to spend time with Gord, listening to music, talking about music, talking about things that we’d always talked about. And this just evolved pretty organically."

Patrick said of his brother, "I found him to be pretty quiet. And now, looking back, it was kind of the 'last gasp' almost because when Gord got this one done, Gord went irretrievably downhill."

"Almost to the day we got back to Toronto, there’s no way he would have been able to do it. Things just went really far south," he said, referring to the rare brain cancer Gord suffered from, which ultimately lead to his passing on October 17, 2017.