Christina Aguilera has officially postponed the 20th anniversary release of her debut album! As Entertainment Tonight reports, Aguilera took to Twitter to respond to a fan who asked about the special edition, explaining why it wasn't released last year.

Aguilera tweets about album's 21st anniversary

Aguilera first took to Twitter to commemorate the 21st anniversary of her first album, the self-titled Christina Aguilera. "Happy 21st anniversary to my debut, self titled album!" she tweeted. "So crazy -- 21 years ago, I scored 'Reflection' and my record deal in the same week."

"Fast forward to today, the 21st anniversary is falling on the same week my new rendition of 'Reflection' is dropping," Aguilera continued, referring to her remake of the classic song from Mulan. "The stars are aligning."

Aguilera "disappointed" 20th anniversary release didn't happen

Aguilera's tweet about her debut album's 21st anniversary then prompted a fan to ask her about the special edition 20th anniversary album the singer had promised! "Haha, 100% fair point! I never forgot about it and was disappointed that it never came to fruition," she tweeted, with an emoji of a broken heart and a sad looking face. 

"Originally I wanted reimagined new material to coincide with the digital release," Aguilera went on to explain. "But due to timing with touring and Vegas, it wasn’t able to be done to my standard of quality." However, the singer clarified that this doesn't mean the special edition album will never be released!

"So I decided to postpone to when the time felt right. Anything worth doing is worth doing I will definitely readdress this in the future," Aguilera assured. "Thanks for bringing to my attention. I never want to 'settle' in giving you my best always." We're sure that whenever Aguilera does end up releasing the new version of her iconic album, it will be well worth the wait! 

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