• Dirk Nowitzki is a German basketball legend
  • Nowitzki dominated in the NBA for several seasons
  • His rise to stardom was a very difficult road

One of those legends is the now retired power forward Dirk Nowitzki. The German managed to become one of the most successful ball players in the history of the game! Dirk Nowitzki's legacy was as big as his jump shot and he made a sizeable mark in the biggest basketball league in the world. Here is a quick look back at the legend of Dirk Nowitzki:

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Nowitzki was born on June 19, 1978, in Würzburg, Germany. His mother was a professional basketball player, and his father was an international handball player. And so, it's no surprise that Dirk would end up as a professional athlete himself! He initially played handball and tennis but realized basketball was a better fit for his height...

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