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Benjamin Salisbury (42) found fame playing "Brighton Sheffield" in the popular series The Nanny when he was just thirteen. He played one of "Maxwell Sheffield's" (played by Charles Shaughnessy) three children, alongside Nicholle Tom and Madeline Zima. 

Benjamin Salisbury studied journalism 

Even though Benjamin was a household name by the time he was thirteen, he decided to retake his high school finals when he was nineteen. At the same time, he was still appearing in minor roles in Numbers and Pledge of Allegiance

However, instead of pursuing a career in show business like his fellow cast members, Benjamin Salisbury moved to Washington D.C to study journalism.

Benjamin Salisbury has two children

The former star looks very different today and we have to admit, we hardly recognized him. Teenage heartthrob "Brighton" has grown up, and not only that, he is now an ex-husband and father. Benjamin Salisbury was married from 2006 until 2013 and lives in California with their two children. Salisbury used his fame for good in May 2009, when he was photographed for the campaign NO H8, which was aimed at promoting equality everywhere.  

According to 'Movieweb', as of 2017, Benjamin now works at Universal Studios Hollywood as the Director of Operations for the park.

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