Rachel Ward (61) and Bryan Brown (72) celebrated international success with the mini series The Thorn Birds in 1983. That same year, the two Australian actors got married and started a family soon after. In 1984, their daughter Rose was born, Matilda followed in 1987 and Joseph was born in 1992.

Rachel Ward and her handsome son Joe Brown.

The Thorn Birds: Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward have three children

While Rachel Ward and Bryan Brown are still busy working as actors today, two of their three children have never sought the limelight. Their daughter Matilda is the only one to follow in the footsteps of her parents. She works as an actress and director.

Even if they are not present on the big or small screen, Rose and Joe Brown do appear on the red carpet with their parents from time to time. During these appearances, it becomes clear that all three children look very much like their famous parents Rachel and Bryan.

Rachel Ward with her daughter Rosie Brown.

Rachel Ward and Bryan Brown are not only parents of three, but have also become grandparents by now. Daughter Matilda and her husband Scott Gooding have a little son named Zan Neathway Gooding who was born in May of 2019.