• Liam Neeson is a popular and acclaimed actor
  • The Taken star hasn't always had it easy, though
  • This traumatic event changed Liam Neeson's life

Liam Neeson started out working in theater in his native Ireland and in England. He then transitioned to film. He gained a lot of attention when he was cast in the lead role in Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List. This role earned Neeson an Oscar nomination and he found himself a leading man in Hollywood. His next massive hit was the Star Wars prequel The Phantom Menace.

Liam Neeson: A Tragic Day Changed His Life Forever

Around this time, Neeson began to transition from dramatic films to the action genre. Besides appearing in Batman Begins, he made a name for himself as an action star thanks to Taken. Other works of Liam Neeson's include The Chronicles of Narnia franchise, the Clash of the Titans films (on which he reunited with actor Ralph Fiennes) and Unknown.

The Traumatic Event In Liam Neeson's Life

Fun fact: he was going to reunite with Spielberg on Lincoln until Neeson felt he was too old for the title role and was replaced by Daniel Day-Lewis. In 2020, Liam Neeson's mother died but because of the pandemic, he was unable to attend her funeral.

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