• 'The Virginian' actor was wed three times
  • This was James Drury's romantic journey
  • Meet his three wives

The late actor James Drury got married three times, and here, we delve into the details of his romantic journey.

Phyllis Mitchell: A Lifelong Partnership

James Drury's first marriage was to Phyllis Mitchell. This union was not only his first but also the longest, lasting for over five decades. Although they did not have children together, their partnership was marked by a profound mutual understanding.

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Cristall Orton: A New Chapter

Drury's second marriage, to Cristall Orton, took place in 1968. This union introduced a new phase in his personal journey. Together, they had two sons: Timothy Drury and James Drury Jr., providing a cherished addition to their family. Although their marriage concluded in 1979, the bond they formed through parenthood remained enduring.

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Carl Ann Head: A Meaningful Connection

James Drury's third marriage, to Carl Ann Head, began in 1980 and ended in 1985. While relatively brief, this chapter held significant meaning in his life. Their union contributed to the complex tapestry of James Drury's romantic journey, demonstrating that every connection, regardless of its duration, carries its own weight in shaping one's narrative.

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