Michael Learned won three Emmy Awards and was nominated for four Golden Globes for her portrayal of the loving mother "Olivia" in The Waltons. After the end of the successful series in 1979, the actress took on the role of "Mary Benjamin" in the TV series Nurse in 1981.

The show was very popular with the critics as well, and Learned won another Emmy for the role as well as receiving another nomination for the coveted television Award.

Michael Learned became world-famous as "Olivia Walton"

After her great success with both shows, Michael Learned appeared in a number of different TV formats, including shows like Living Dolls (1989), Scrubs (2006-2009), Cold Case (2009), General Hospital (2010) and The Young and the Restless (2011). Most recently, Michael Learned starred as "Marni Woodwarth" in the TV movie Life Interrupted (2017). 

Michael Learned: The actress came back as "Olivia Walton" in the 90's

In the nineties, Michael Learned again took on the role of "Olivia Walton" for several more films about The Waltons. And the actress also appeared in a bunch of plays on Broadway, such as in The Sisters Rosensweig in 1993. 

Michael Learned has been married three times in total. From her first marriage with actor Peter Donat, which lasted 15 years, Learned has her three boys: Lucas, Caleb and Chris Donat. Since 1991, the now 80-year-old has been happy with her third husband, producer and director John Doherty.