• Oktoberfest is a famous beer festival in Germany
  • Thousands of people go every year
  • THESE celebs have already been there

The Oktoberfest festival in Munich is known far beyond the borders of Germany, and there are numerous offshoots of the festival all over the world. It's no wonder that so many celebrities make their way to the Wiesn every year. Many famous faces from Hollywood have been VIPs at the festival here and there.

THESE stars know good beer! 

It was THE headline when it was announced that Paris Hilton would be attending Oktoberfest in Munich in 2006. The hotel heiress had a lot of fun at the Oktoberfest with her BFF Kim Kardashian.

Also interesting:

Kim Kardashian apparently liked it so much that she visited Oktoberfest again four years later. This time with her mom Kris. In the same year, actress Hayden Panettiere also celebrated Oktoberfest...

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