Heidi Klum has had enough! The supermodel and mother to four children have filed a court hearing asking the judge to allow her to take her four kids to her home country of Germany.

Seal, the father to the children, shares custody with his ex-wife, and won't sign off on the air travel since he is still worried and anxious about the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Heidi Klum seeks emergency court hearing

Heidi Klum is making it known she's angry at her baby daddy and ex-husband, Seal, for refusing to give permission to the model, allowing her to take their four children to Germany.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Klum has said that it would be best for the children to fly to Germany, as she claimed the children apparently don't want to stay in Los Angeles with their dad.

Klum is under contract and has no choice but to stay in Germany to judge Germany's Next Top Model in October, and usually, the kids would join her, but Seal has "not yet approved of the trip."

"I am well aware of all of the necessary precautions associated with the COVID-19 virus and would never put our children at risk — I have taken all the precautions for Germany the same way I do in the United States," Klum wrote in her declaration.

Klum added, "Henry’s [Seal's] time with our children is sporadic at best."

Klum also added that she is willing to adjust the set custody schedule and alter Christmas plans.

"There will be a three-week break for the Christmas holidays," she said. "Though the children were originally slated to spend this Christmas break with me (as Henry spent Christmas 2019 with them), I am willing to agree that Henry spend the Christmas break with them again this year so that the children can be with their father during this time if Henry would like this."

"Also," she added. "As Henry has a British passport, he would be able to visit the children while they are in Germany if he wishes to do so."

Apparently back in April Seal had agreed to let Klum take the children, but has since changed his mind.

Klum added that she did try and sort this out directly with her ex-husband, but to no avail, therefore leaving her questioning if he is focusing on the best interests of the kids.

The kids ask the judge to let them go

Their eldest, Leni, 16, also sent in a declaration to the court. It read, "This is hard because I love both of my parents, but I feel like I need to speak up. I understand that my siblings are too young to speak to the judge, so I am happy to speak for all of us," she writes.

"My mom needs to film in Germany for a few months and my siblings and I want to go with her," she continued. "So far, my dad is not allowing us to go, though we have tried to tell him our reasons why we want to." 

The teen adds that the trip would be an "amazing opportunity" for them, as well as a chance to see their extended family and grandparents.

Leni also added that the younger siblings aren't wanting to be away from their mom, saying they're "really upset" at the idea of being away from her for so long.

Seal and Klum divorced in 2014 and share custody of all four of their children.

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