Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston played pool together recently, and shared their friendly competition with the world! As Entertainment Tonight shares, both stars took to Instagram on Thursday to post the video of their game, which had a clear winner!

Cox is unimpressed with Aniston's lack of pool skills

Cox starts the funny video off by sinking balls to the song "My Shot" from the musical Hamilton. As Entertainment Tonight mentions, Cox has shown off her pool skills before, so it doesn't exactly come as a surprise that she does well! However, when it's time for Aniston to take over, the same can't be said for her.

As the background music changes to Billy Preston's "Nothing From Nothing," Aniston is shown struggling at pool. She was the complete opposite of Cox when it came to the game, she doesn't even manage to sink a single ball until the video's end! "I'm just... you know... it's been a long time," Aniston tries to justify, while Cox continues to flip the camera around to show her own unimpressed face.

Cox and Aniston reference Friends in Instagram captions

Cox and Aniston both had funny captions for the video too! "I may have had a good night...but could my friend BE any cuter?" Cox wrote, showing that it was all in fun. Meanwhile, Aniston referred to her not-so-great game in her own Instagram caption. "Friends shouldn't let Friends play pool (especially when they suck)," she said.

Both Cox and Aniston have been spending time together while they've been quarantined! Last month, the Friends co-stars posted a photo of them both wearing masks on Instagram, warning about the dangers of COVID-19. And while the Friends reunion for HBO Max has been delayed indefinitely due to the pandemic, hopefully we continue to see more quality content from these two friends! 

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