• Lip syncing is a big "no, no" for recording artists
  • Even the greatest singers sometimes do it on stage
  • Here are some famous faces who got caught faking it live

Who would have thought that not everything in Hollywood is as it seems? There are several examples of famous artists who have been caught lip-syncing in recent years, sparking scandals and questions about their integrity as artists with angry fans demanding to know the truth! And rightfully so...

These artists got caught red-handed

We begin our list with an iconic artist that has done it all in the world of music, after several decades in the spotlight: Madonna. Madonna has been accused of lip syncing on several occasions throughout her career. One of her most famous incidents occurred during her performance at the Brit Awards event in 1994.

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During her performance, it was reported that Madonna was using a pre-recorded track instead of singing live. What about Britney Spears? There have been several occasions where she has been caught singing over a previously recorded track or not singing at all. A notable moment occurred during her Las Vegas residency when she performed a revised version of her hit song "Perfume"...

Watch the video above to learn more!