• Jennifer Grey recently released a memoir
  • Grey shares that Madonna wrote a song about her
  • The actress's famous breakup inspired the hit

Jennifer Grey's breakup with Matthew Broderick ended up inspiring one of the most empowering pop songs! The actress revealed in her brand-new memoir Out of the Corner that she found out from Madonna herself that one of her songs was about Grey's split from Broderick.

Madonna told Grey "Express Yourself" was about her

Grey said Madonna's 1989 hit "Express Yourself" had been written about her split from Broderick, which happened in 1988. She explained that she'd been with Johnny Depp in a log cabin when Madonna, who she knew after working together on the movie Bloodhounds of Broadway, called her over to her car. As it turns out, she wanted Grey to listen to a new song— which was inspired by her!


"She told me she wrote "Express Yourself" about me breaking up with Matthew," Grey shared. She mentioned that the Queen of Pop's car had been a Mercedes with "a really good sound system." The actress also said that she had reached out to Madonna since she told her she had inspired the song, wanting to see if it was in fact true. While she didn't hear back, there is an interesting mention in the song that supports the claim!

Also interesting:

Grey's iconic character in Dirty Dancing, "Baby Houseman," may or may not get a shoutout in "Express Yourself". As the Daily Mail points out, the song uses the affectionate term "baby" several times throughout, which may support Grey's claim about having inspired it. And of course, Dirty Dancing fans will know that Grey's memoir title was also inspired by the film, specifically the line "nobody puts "Baby" in the corner."