• ADD and ADHD are among the most common disorders
  • 10% of children have either one
  • Here are 7 celebs who battled the odds to make it big

However, while the word 'disorder' may sound dangerous, it's just about focus problems, and many people have shown they can overcome it. Here are seven well-known celebrities who have successful careers even with ADD, or even Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

These stars know what adversity is all about

Let's begin with everyone's favorite "it" girl: Paris Hilton. During an interview with Larry King, the famous hotel heiress revealed that she was diagnosed as a child with ADD saying, "I have been on medication since I was a child". This is something that very few people were aware of!

Also interesting:

Some of the world's biggest pop stars also deal with these issues, like Justin Timberlake. In an interview with Collider.com he revealed that he has both ADD and OCD saying: "I have OCD mixed with ADD. Try to live with that." But he's not the only one with these two afflictions at the same time...

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