• The video game industry has exploded in recent years
  • Many famous faces are hardcore gamers
  • Here are some celebrities who really like to play video games

Even celebrities with incredibly busy schedules have time each week to dedicate to playing their favorite games. And it's no wonder. Nothing better than stepping into a fantasy world after a long day of being famous in the real world. Here are 15 celebrities who enjoy video games as much as anyone.

These celebs know how to kick back and relax

Let's start with one of the most beloved actors working in Hollywood today. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Johnson's favorite game is Mortal Kombat, which is not surprising given his past in WWE and his numerous action movies. There was even rumor of Johnson starring in a live action adaptation of the games!

Also interesting:

Let's move on to another beloved celeb. Tom Holland The Spider-Man actor revealed that his favorite game is also the one he starred in, Uncharted 4. Maybe he is a bit biased, but the actor also said that The Last of Us and Skyrim were among his favorites as well!

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