• We love having access to celebrities
  • Some stay out of the limelight
  • These are the most private

Some stars like to keep their private life extra private. No socials, no interviews, no insight to their every move. Let's go over some stars that keep their life on the down low.

Celebrities that keep things personal

Saorise Ronan:
This four-time Oscar-nominee is notoriously hard to follow, given that she has absolutely no social media! She lives a quiet life in Europe, splitting her time between Ireland, Scotland and the house she shares with boyfriend Jack Lowden in London.

Michael Cera:
This comedic star is extremely tight-lipped about his personal life. He recently had a baby in secret, and the world wasn't made aware of the birth until his 'Life & Beth' co-star Amy Schumer spilled the beans during an interview!

So many secret babies

Andy Samberg:
The 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' actor rarely gives interviews about his life, and stays away from social media. He also had children without alerting the presses. He and wife Joanna Newsom welcomed their daughter in 2017, and a son in 2023. Both his children's names are still unknown!

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The truth comes out

Hollywood's Dirty Secrets

Adam Driver:
Continuing the topic of privately having children, Adam and his wife Joanne Tucker had a son in 2016, but didn't confirm it publicly until 2019! There are no photos of their son, and his name remains unknown. The couple is currently expecting their second child.