• Elvis Presley was known as the King of Rock n' Roll
  • He also served in the American military in the 1950s
  • Here are the details of his military service

When duty calls, every citizen must answer. Even if that citizen is a certain Elvis Presley. One of the greatest musical acts of all time, Elvis was also quite the patriot. And when the time came for him to do his service within the American armed forces, Elvis stepped up to the plate.

Elvis Presley is a bona fide American hero!

Despite outcry from his fans, he was sworn in as an army private on March 24, 1958. He did, however, take a short break within his time there. The King of Rock n' Roll took one emergency leave to visit his mother before her death.

Also interesting:

But that wasn't it. Elvis still had one more tour to serve before he could close that chapter of his life. He was then shipped to Europe to join Company D, 32nd Tank Battalion, 3rd Armor Division for the next 18 months...

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