Four years ago the 83-year-old actor Alan Alda, better known for appearing in M*A*S*Hstarted to notice his arms were not moving when he was walking, and he began acting out his dreams while sleeping - both were early signs of Parkinson's disease. After admitting he was quite scared in the beginning, he opted for taking it in the best way possible and began educating himself on the disease.

Now it seems the veteran actor is not letting his Parkinson's diagnosis hold him back from what he wants to do in his daily life. During an appearance on Today show, Alan Alda recently revealed the "crazy" things he does in order to battle against the disease. "I shake a little, but I’m good," he said.

This is the crazy exercise that helps Alan Alda with his Parkinson's diagnosis

The American actor explained he has to maintain an active lifestyle so he regularly exercises. "I work out. You can hold back the progress if you do a lot of specific exercises. So I do a lot of crazy things," he said.

What are those crazy things? Well, it seems like the M*A*S*H star has actually tried A LOT of exercises such as boxing, swimming, tennis, and bicycle riding. But there's one special thing he enjoys the most: marching! "I march to [John Philip] Sousa music. A lot of Sousa music going on all the time in my house," shared the fabulous Alan.

What has Alan Alda been up to?

Alan Alda has claimed he doesn't like to make plans for the future since he prefers his life to be "more of an improvisation." He will star in the upcoming Netflix film Marriage Story, set to premiere on December 6. He currently lives in New York City with his lovely wife Arlene, who has always supported him. They have been married since 1957 and share three daughters.

The M*A*S*H star is very into computers and social stuff, which is why people at his office call him "the world’s oldest millennial." Just so you know - he is even on Twitter! He often gives updates about his podcast Clear + Vivid with Alan Alda. 

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