On Tuesday, the media company Politico tweeted the announcement that Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire Democratic Primary. But their tweet attracted attention for reasons beyond Sanders's victory.

Social media users quickly spotted a resemblance in Politico's artwork depicting Sanders in the tweet. Many felt, in fact, that Politico's image closely resembled the actor Chevy Chase!

Politico's tweet announcing the Sanders victory

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Bernie Sanders and Chevy Chase?

The Politico Sanders/Chase portrait sparked comparisons of the politician's and the actor's looks. Both men are in their 70s, sport balding white hair, and wear glasses. With these similarities, it's surprising that it took this long for someone to make the connection.

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Or was it just a poor representation of Sanders?

Others felt that the Sanders portrait was poorly drawn. One popular tweet simply congratulated Chevy Chase for his New Hampshire victory.

Chevy Chase comments on the situation

Chase also chimed in on Twitter about the social media trend.

The actor's take on the Twitter trend

Do you see the resemblance?