• Meg Ryan has long been considered the girl next door
  • Her natural charm brought her international acclaim
  • But why don't we hear anything from the former superstar today?

Meg Ryan (61) celebrated huge success in 1989 with the film When Harry Met Sally and became an international superstar and one of Hollywood's most popular actresses. For ten years she was extremely successful in the film business. 

Meg Ryan made quite a career shift

But suddenly her film career flattened out. We'll tell you why Meg Ryan is no longer in any notable Hollywood flicks today. Her career started in her early 20s with a recurring role on the soap opera The Young and the Restless.

Also interesting:

In 1986 she made it to Hollywood with Top Gun. She had left a lasting impression on producers and all doors were open to the actress. Meg became a superstar and had her greatest successes in the 1990s. She scored big with audiences thanks to her charm, and her image as a nice girl next door.

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