• Tim Burton and Monica Bellucci are dating
  • They attended the Rome Film Festival together
  • Here's what we know about their relationship!

Tim Burton and Monica Bellucci on red carpet for the first time as a couple

At the Rome Film Festival this week, we saw scores of stars strut their stuff on the red carpet. Some stood out more than others, and two who really grabbed people's attention were Tim Burton (65) and Monica Bellucci (59).

The two walked the red carpet together, marking their first public appearance as a couple. Tim and Monica have been dating for a few months now, and when news first broke of the pairing, Monica spoke to 'Elle France' about their new romance.

“What I can say … I’m glad I met the man, first of all," she says. “It's one of those encounters that rarely happens in life ... I know the man, I love him, and now I'm going to meet the director, another adventure begins". 

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The couple met while working on Tim Burton's sequel to one of his most beloved films. Monica Bellucci was cast in 'Beetlejuice 2', and apparently she and Tim really hit it off on set. After months of speculation, they finally confirmed their relationship.

Monica talks very highly not only of Tim Burton as a person, but also as a filmmaker. "I love this dream world where the monsters are kind, like we can turn our darker aspects into something bright, forgiving,” says Monica Bellucci. "Tim Burton's films talk about that a lot".