• James Cameron is a renown Canadian film director
  • He is best know for his work on Titanic and Avatar among others
  • He is now set on answering a famous questions surrounding Titanic

It has even become an internet meme! Did "Jack" have to die? Toward the end of the classic movie, "Jack" and "Rose" find themselves in icy water after the ship sinks. They discover a wooden door which "Rose" climbs on top of. "Jack" is left in the water and eventually dies!

James Cameron is tired of all the questions!

But director James Cameron was so annoyed about all the questions that he even had scientific proof of why it had to be that way, going on the offensive about the subject. And his fascination with answering the question is one that has even taken him to new realms in his profession.

Also interesting:

As he told Postmedia at the premiere of Avatar: The Way of Water, he's even planning an entire documentary on the subject, which will premiere in February 2023...

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